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Brian Bull funeral celebrant Manchester

Brian Bull 

Professional Celebrant (AOIC)

I  am an independent professional celebrant offering personalised services and civil ceremonies that reflect the life, personality and beliefs of your loved one, whether semi-religious or non-religious.


I welcome enquiries from members of the LGBTQI community that include partners, relatives, chosen family and significant others, which celebrate the diversity of life and love.


Everyone's needs are different. I offer a unique, tailored service with sensitivity and understanding, that is not restricted and can include religious content if requested. 


At such a difficult time, I want to offer my support and compassion. 


I see my role, very much in helping family, friends and significant offers to celebrate the life of their loved one, while saying goodbye in an atmosphere of peace and dignity.

Non-religious funerals

What is a Civil Funeral Ceremony

A civil funeral, is sometimes referred to as a humanist, secular or non-religious funeral.

The focus of the ceremony is purely about the person who has passed, as well the family and friends, who shared their life.

It often takes place at a crematorium or non religious burial site. Sometimes it is a memorial ceremony or burial of ashes after a funeral.


The ceremony can be non-religious or contain religious elements such as hymns, readings, poems or prayers.


There are no restrictions on creating the perfect farewell.

What is civil funeral

''Our loved ones are so precious.


We owe it to them, that their memory and stories live on forever''.

Brian Bull 

Professional Funeral Celebrant

Building the perfect ceremony

How do we build the perfect Celebration of Life together?

Firstly, it will be a great honour and privilege for me, to work with you to create the perfect Celebration of Life to honour them.


I meet with you at your home (or elsewhere if you prefer) to discuss their personality, stories, anecdotes and achievements, to get to know the person whose life is to be celebrated.


This is such an important time together...


Over the course of an hour or two, I am able to listen and learn all about the loved one who has passed and start the journey of putting together the eulogy and words that I will deliver during the funeral ceremony. I have also noticed for many of my clients, that this opportunity to relive many happy memories, stories and anecdotes, can often provide some small solace, during the grieving process.


I will guide and advise you as much or as little as you want... 


Together, we can plan the content and structure of the service whilst incorporating any ideas that you may already have. Whilst you may want to include some religious elements such as Bible readings, The Lords Prayer, Psalm 23, Hymns etc there are many non-religious funeral poems, songs and readings which we can discuss and add into the ceremony, so we have the perfect tribute for your loved one.


Getting the right words to say...


You will have the opportunity to view (and change) the eulogy and words for the ceremony, in advance, along with the order of service, to ensure everything is correct and a perfect tribute, ready for the day of the funeral. In fact, I'll keep working on your ceremony script, until you are completely happy with it.


The perfect service for your loved one...


On the day of the funeral I would generally lead the service, however participation whether large or small by any family member or close friend is always welcome, be that music, a reading or a poem, and I will always only be a few steps away to give a helping hand if needed.

''If you would like me to plan, write and deliver a funeral ceremony for your loved one, I sincerely promise you two things:

1) Firstly, it will be a great honour and privilege for me, to work with you to create the perfect Celebration of Life to honour them

2) I'll do everything within my power to make sure that you come away from the funeral feeling that you said what needed saying and you did your very best - for your loved one''. 

Brian Bull 

Professional Funeral Celebrant

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