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Civil marriage ceremonies which celebrate the love and personality of who you both are

Every love story is unique, and so should be your wedding ceremony.


Whether you prefer a Humanist, Secular or Non-denominational service, the aim is to fully meet your expectations and reflect your personalities and beliefs.

As your Wedding Officiant / Celebrant, I help you choose the kind of ceremony that’s most significant and in line with your cultural background, love story and wedding theme. Together we will custom-design a beautiful, unforgettable ceremony, which reflects exactly who and what you both are.


There are limits to creativity when it comes to individuality!

Non-religious wedding ceremonies

I'll help your journey to your perfect wedding ceremony.


I'll help reorder your thoughts, incorporate all your key thoughts and ideas, think about what’s missing and schedule everything with the musicians, photographers (and eventually your wedding planners, if relevant), giving you advice when needed and being ready to cope with the unexpected.

And – what’s most important –

''I'll be honoured to perform your ceremony professionally, with enthusiasm, empathy and excitement.


This is the greatest day of your lives''.


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