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Civil funeral ceremonies which perfectly reflect your loved one's nature, life and personality

Funeral practices in the UK have undergone remarkable changes in the last few years; there has been a clear shift away from the impersonal, standardised and religiously led funeral services of the past.

Modern funerals allows the grieving family a wider range of options that were unheard of 10 years ago. These modern funerals are often referred to by a number of different terms; non-religious funerals, secular funerals, unaffiliated funerals etc. I am professionally trained to lead all of these types of funeral ceremony and Celebrations of Life.

Most aspects of today’s funeral ceremony come down to personal choice; families may well take an active role in choosing the music and readings and may wish to speak about the person who has passed. The primary task of the professional funeral celebrant nowadays is to assist families in creating a funeral that fully reflects the person’s nature, life and personality.

Civil funerals

Civil Funerals can provide an opportunity to publicly express the different feelings and emotions that well up when a loved one dies; it may well recognise the grief of the family’s loss, maybe his or her understanding of the meaning of life and death but most importantly, provides an opportunity to tell the loved one’s story, provide anecdotes and show the love that still remains.

Non-religious funeral celebrant



Dear Brian, Just want to let you know how much we appreciate the lovely service you conducted today. Everyone has said how much they loved it. You brought Nora back to life for a few minutes for us. Thank you so much.


Hello Brian 

 Just wanted to thankyou for a perfect service for my mum. Many people have said how lovely it was 


Myself and Robert are very grateful for your help and guidance at a very difficult time.


I will certainly recommend your service to people in the future.  Thanks again.

   Kind regards



Hi Brian, the service was perfect.. thank you so much.. you definitely summed my dad up and everyone said how lovely it was and how personal which is so nice to hear. We were so happy with the turnout and the wake was also nice, listening to music my dad liked and chatting to family and friends we dont see very often. Thanks once again for everything.

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