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Coping with Grief

When a loved one passes, planning a funeral sometimes feels like the last thing you want to do and can seem stressful too. Having been in exactly the same position a number of times in my life, I completely understand. One of the main reasons I became a professional celebrant, is to support and help others during this time, as others kindly helped me. I am there for my clients.


Everybody is unique and everyone deals with grief in different ways. Nobody finds it easy.

Below are some links to professional organisations with some wonderful, caring resources for helping you cope with grief. I hope they offer some comfort and help.

(Just click the GREEN links to access the online support articles):

Stages of grief: This is a wealth of information, covering the various stages of grief, as well as a number of videos from others sharing their experiences of grief and how they coped. This advice and information is supplied by Marie Curie.

10 Ways to Cope with Grief: This is an article provided by an organisation called Beyond Life, which provides clear, professional and practical advice on coping with grief. 

How to cope with the loss of a loved one: This is an excellent article from the APA (American Psychological Association) that provides clear hope and focus on the healthy habits and behaviours that typically help us cope better with our grief.

Identifying the signs you may be struggling to cope: If you feel lost and struggling to cope, there is always support. This article from the Samaritans organisation, highlights the symptoms and feelings that people struggling to cope with grief, are likely to be feeling. The article also lists the support and contact numbers available for anybody that wishes to speak with somebody from the Samaritans, who are professional trained to support those in need. The Samaritans telephone number is simply: 116123 from any telephone or mobile and is FREE.

Grief Chat is a safe space for grieving or bereaved people to be able to share their story, explore their feelings and be supported by a qualified bereavement counsellor. In addition to this, GriefChat can help bereaved people to consider if they need additional support and where to get this from.

Using Grief Chat is free of charge and is open Monday-Friday, 9am-9pm (UK time) to grieving or bereaved people. Grief Chat is a Kindred Association to the AOIC (Association of Independent Celebrants).

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